This is is a video of a 1980s-era Spartakiad, which was the Czechoslovakian Communist Party’s version of North Korea’s Mass Games. It was less colorful (and less insane) than the Pyongyang version, but the basic message was the same:  The group is everything, the individual matters only as a (barely noticeable and completely replaceable) constituent of the group;  what really matters is the choreography, direction, coordination, synchronization — i.e., the things the Communist Party did.  Even in its gentler Czechoslovak form, this was a truly noxious and detestable event staged to bolster a dehumanizing ideology of obedience.

I fervently hope I live long enough to see the death of collectivism in all its forms — political, religious, ethnic, and racial.

(Video h/t Minnesotastan).

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